Best Hair Removal Service for Men!

Hi everyone, well my time in Ca. is almost over. I will be leaving Ca. for good in June so don't wait any longer to see me.
Women Like it clean & neat too!! Need Help with your hair removal? Manscaping? Having surgery? Why have Bruno the aid shave your private parts. I can do that for you and make it fun too. 
Come for a sensual massage while you are here!
Why make 2 stops when you can get everything done at one place.
Important message....
Please figure out what you really need and what the cost will be BEFORE you call. All the prices are below. 
Add your cost for the sensual massage ( prices on massage site)  and you will know what to bring with you. CASH.... Please pay up front before I start, I've had problems with short changers lately.
 If you need just a small clean up once I see you I can advise you on what you need.
Massage website is below......

I can Trim or Shave what ever area you want and then give you a great massage afterwards. 

CALL after 9am for a MASSAGE or MANSCAPING
Monday -  Friday....
Hours : 11 am to 5 pm.  

Sat.  Early hrs. only  NO.. late afternoon or evenings
Hours : 10:30 am to 1pm (Call early at 9 am don't wait to call)

NO Sundays -so please don't call me! It's my only day off.
$70 minimum for only Hair Removal without a massage.
Book a Massage with your Trim and I'll do 1 section or more. 
When you order Food you know what it costs.. look at the MENU please and plan on the price. Come with enough money to cover the Trim or Shave. If it's less I will tell you, in many cases I do more then Asked for.  Not many women are willing to Groom you so Here I am.

Yes, I will Shave or Trim your PUBIC AREA!!

Trimming or shaving takes time because I am very careful! 
Getting shaved is very fun with shaving cream it can be sensual, No extra charge for an erection it actually makes it easier to shave or trim you :) 

 Lower Private Body Prices 

$20  Trim Pubic & Shave around Penis Shaft 
$30  Shave Pubic & Shave around Penis Shaft
Balls are Tricky
$20 Trim or Shave :Smooth Balls with Light hair & Taint
$30  Trim of Hairy - Wrinkly Balls 
$40  Trim & Shaving baggy hairy course balls  

                             You know what you have down there  !!

Butt or Butt Crack
$20   Trim or Shave Butt Crack Only & Taint 
$20   Trim Entire Butt Area  
$30   Trim & Entire Butt Area with Crack 
$50   Trim & Shave Entire Butt Area & Crack. 

Lower Body:

$30  Trim just Lower legs.
$30  Trim just Upper legs.
$60  Trim Both Entire Legs  
$70  Shave lower legs...light hair....            
$80  Shave full legs  Heavy /course.....     

Upper Body

Arms & Shoulders   
add $10 more for shaving    

$20   Shoulders :                       

$20   Both  Fore Arms (lower)                        
$20   Both Upper Arms                   
$40   Trim Both Full Arms             
$10   Trim Both Under Arms Only 

$40    Trim Back Only:
$50    Trim Hairy Back Only  
$60    Trim and Shave Full Back                        
$30   Trim Upper Chest only                          
$40   Light Hair Trim Chest & Stomach     
$50   Trim Very Hairy Chest & Stomach                     
$60   Trim & Shave Chest & Stomach                 


Entire Body     it's a big job so plan on at least 2 to 3 hrs 

Trim everything is ........$250 (2 hrs. +)
Back : Butt: Legs: Shoulders: Arms: Chest: Pubic area

Shave Entire Body ....... $350  (3 hrs. +) 
Have to trim you first then shave you so it's double the work.                     

 Manscaping minimum is $70 -less is okay with a massage. 

You can come for just the manscaping ($70 or more)  or for a massage or you can do Both.

 After reading my Website please call for appt.  NO Blocked calls!!

If you want a massage  please read my website first. I DON'T DISCUSS  my massage service over the phone.- I am just to busy. 

Massage website........

So be prepared to give me your ..... 
1. YOUR NAME - Nice to know it first 
2. What service you want: 1 hr or 45 min. massage? A Trim or Shave? 
3. What Time you need
4.  Which freeway & area. meaning coming South or North  the 15 or  71 or East or West on the 91 ( I will send you detailed directions and the address.
This is a business not Rocket science be prepared when you Call or Text me. 

 For the Massage Details --    go to:     
My Massage Website
5 Things I WON'T DO.......

1. I am NOT full service and never will be!
2. I Don't offer anything oral
3. I Don't massage NUDE  
5. If you call on a blocked or private number I probably won't answer, if I do be prepared to leave a number, NO Number No Massage!!
Important Message: Don't be a Dumb Ass!!
   Please, Don't call or text me at Midnight-  1- 2 am or 3:30 am...    I'm asleep!!  Can you wait and call me in the morning after 9am.  Calling or texting me wakes me up!    It is still happening : COME ON GUYS STOP,   WHO CALLS A PERSON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?  

Please Call  480 347 7500 AFTER you look at the massage section if you want a massage too!! and mention what service with all your details if you TEXT me.

480 347 7500

thanks Carol